Our Mission

FREMO's goal is to provide a free, safe, and secure space for members of the First Responder community to engage in general discussion as well as serious talks about the things that come along with serving the public, and responding to difficult and tragic situations. FREMO’s main objective above all else is to give back to the First Responder community by putting First Responders FIRST.

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"From discussing training and techniques, to just general talk, FREMO offers responders a place for themselves"

Paramedic Field Supervisor

"There are aspects of the job that some don’t think about and it’s nice to have a place to discuss it"

Assistant Chief Fire Department

"FREMO is a great place for responders to talk about the things the general public may not understand"

FREMO Member

"Responding to traumatic incidents isn’t always easy and having a place to talk about it with those that have been through the same is great."

Deputy Sheriff

First Responders, First

A place where First Responders come first

Tailored Experience for You

FREMO is a community of peers, whose day to day life is unique to the higher calling they feel to serve the people and communities in which they live as such, a custom experience is required

Safe and Secure Environment

FREMO features https encryption as well as requiring credentials upon sign up to verify each members status as a First Responder

Like-minded Individuals

Because everyone on FREMO is a First Responder it can reflect those who have responded to, and dealt with the difficult and traumatic situations faced daily


FREMO’s concept stems back over the last few years and was initially conceptualized by a full time Sheriff's Deputy.

Over time the idea evolved into what you see now, and will continue to do so. The FREMO team is excited to provide a space to those whose duty and calling is to protect, serve, and assist the general public. A great platform for general discussion about day to day life from the mindset of those who feel a higher calling to assist the people of their communities.

There are certain things that First Responders witness; tragic or traumatic situations, as the first ones on scene. We understand that the general public might not be able to offer the solace or advice having never stood at the edge of a traffic accident, fire, or emergency call, and how to move forward and process the emotions that last after the shift is over.

FREMO is here to give First Responders a place to be with peers and discuss the things they’ve seen, lean on one another, and move forward in tough times. It is also a great platform for general discussion about day to day life from the mindset of those who feel a higher calling to assist the people of their communities.

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Sponsors & Advertisers

FREMO's advertising and sponsorships are for those companies who wish to support, give back, and also reach the huge market segment that First Responders make up. While First Responders protect and serve in different ways, there is a huge commonality of thought that extends beyond the way in which they serve. From studies and focus groups conducted a brief cross section of users enjoy, purchase, and participate in the following things and items:

  • Auto Dealers, Retailers, Communication Providers, Banks, and Credit Unions; Especially those who offer First Responder Discounts
  • Tactical Gear, Clothing, and Related Items
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Emergency Response Items
  • Firearms, Parts, Accessories, and Ammunition
  • Knives and Tools
  • Hunting, Fishing, Camping Equipment and Supplies
  • PPE, Protective Gear, Premium Sunglasses and Eyewear
  • Emergency Preparedness Gear, Items, and Equipment
  • General Outdoor Items
  • Clothing and Premium Footwear
  • Automotive Parts, Accessories, & Equipment

In addition to direct advertising we also offer Sponsorships of varying levels. Market research and studies confirm that segments of people or groups, such as the First Responder Community are much more likely to shop and purchase from the companies that acknowledge and honor their service. A site sponsorship is a great way to make it known that your company supports their efforts, sacrifice, and the job they do.

If you would like to find out more about potential sponsorship or advertising please contact advertising@fremo.us.